About Us

Yat Servis is a customer oriented company serving a wide range of boats, aiming to provide a highly deserved quality to the boat owners.
Main engine, gearbox, control systems, shaft, propeller, windlasses, pumps, electric and electronic equipment maintenance and repairs, paint and antifouling, teak and synthetic teak sales and installation,  general and engine room cleaning, periodical overhauls, refit and restoration are handled with utmost care. Pre-work and post-work reporting is the norm in Yat Servis way of doing business.
Basics of our service philosophy are

  • We apply the manufacturer manuals to the word.
  • We believe in protective maintenance and aim to introduce this process to the Turkish marine sector.
  • We survey each boat, prepare an initial report, receive approval from the owner for the context and pricing of our proposed services, provide the service and present a final report. We strictly keep to the order of these steps and our communication is always in writing.
  • Service records for a boat are vital for its maintenance. For this purpose, your boat’s records are archived in our company files in order to identify future problems and to provide proper solutions.

Our experienced chief engineer, field coordinator, mechanical team, specialized electro-mechanic technicians, paint foremen, carpenters and composite specialists are ready to provide you any kind of services your boat needs.