Yat Servis is a customer-oriented company established to provide services, aiming to offer the deserved quality that all sailors who love the sea or earn their living from the sea.

It offers the solutions suitable for the needs and what is wanted to be done at sea. Instead of telling the sea lover who wants to have an economical and quiet trip that he needs, a fast boat which burns a lot of fuel, it is Yatservis’ job to find exactly what he wants.

The size of the boat and the material it is made of should be chosen correctly and should be suitable for the needs and the sea conditions in which they are sailing. Wood, steel, fiber or aluminum; sailing yachts, motor yachts, sloops, schooners, ketchs, gulets, fishing boats, service boats and commercial ships.

Our least favorite sentence is “I was happy when I bought and sold the boat.”

Apart from that, how can we be a good Sailor? We may answer this together with you. Maritime comes first for us, primarily with sailing boats.