We have the ability and expertise to service any type of boat. We have no limitation as the boat size or type or material – wood, aluminum, fiberglass or steel and sail boats, power boats, mega yachts, gullets, ketches, fishing boats, workboats, even commercial oceangoing ships.

Our vital motto is to apply the manufacturer manual requirements in our maintenance and repair services. We adhere to our motto whether we are doing a simple paint job or a major overhaul. We believe in protective maintenance to avoid further emergency repairs. To determine problem of a boat properly and to provide a suitable solution, the service records for a boat should be archived properly. Before our team starts working on a boat, we do a survey, prepare an initial report, receive approval from the owner for the context and pricing of our proposed services, provide the service and present a final report after the completion of our work.

Periodic Maintenance

Periodic Engine Maintenance

  • Maintenance required to be completed on regular basis as suggested by the diesel and gasoline internal combustion engine manufacturers
  • Lube oil change, oil and air filter change, emission inspection. Emission inspection provides indications of the overall condition of the engine. Outcomes over the limits might signal a need for repair.
  • Fuel system controls, injection nozzle, injection pipe etc… Carburetor overhaul for gasoline engines.
  • Regular maintenance to prevent damage on electrical devices due to corrosion resulting from humidity and salty water.
  • Starting system repairs, battery, charger, etc…
  • Rectifying procedures for worn out engines.
  • Outboard engine maintenance.

Periodic Gearbox Maintenance

  • Gearbox oil, clutches, actuator, oil pump, cooler etc…
  • Electronic and mechanical remote control levers

Overall Boat Inspection

  • Windlasses, capstans, davits, anchors, anchor chains
  • Steering systems, steering hydraulics, steering controls, rudder controls
  • Masts, rigging controls
  • Sails controls
  • Ropes, bollards, berthing equipment controls
  • Bilge pumps, transfer pumps, air pressure tank and all other pumps
  • Chargers, invertors, converters
  • Water makers, separators
  • Navigation systems, radar, sonar , radio
  • Galley equipment
  • Periodical controls of all connections, screws, studs torque values
  • Corrosion controls on metals and all wiring

Propeller and Shaft System Controls and Maintenance

  • Alignment controls, gap / sag
  • Propeller pitch controls
  • Bow thrusters

Engine and all other equipment installations and commissioning

  • Installation works
  • Supervision during installations
  • Commissioning of the equipment according to manufacturer rules, recommendations and checklists

Guaranteed Spontaneous (unforeseen) Repairs / Troubleshooting

  • Engine Repairs: Main engine, generator, diesel engine, gasoline engine and outboard engines damages are repaired with general service rules. Our philosophy of working under engineering discipline is also applied for unplanned damage repairs.
  • Gearbox Repair: The gearbox repairs are under our company’s guarantee as long as the gearbox maintenance and spare part manuals are provided.
  • Pump repairs
  • Propeller and shafting repairs
  • Bow thruster repairs
  • Steering systems and rudder repairs
  • Oil and fuel separator repairs
  • Hull repairs (composite, wooden)
  • Remote control levers repairs
  • Navigational system repairs
  • Electric / Electronic system repairs
  • Battery chargers, converter, transformers, shore connection box repair
  • Watermaker servicing, filter and membrane sales

Boat cleaning

All exterior and interior sections of the boat are cleaned in detail by correct fluids and equipment.

  • Decks cleaning
  • Saloon cleaning
  • Cabinets
  • Galley, cuisine
  • Toilets, bathrooms
  • Bilge
  • Engine room
  • Avoidance of foul odours.
  • Corrosion repair and polishing of metals
  • Outboard cleaning at sea with eco-friendly cleaning material.
  • Propeller cleaning at water
  • Carina-keel cleaning on dock
  • Fly bridge cleaning
  • Vacuum cleaning of curtains, carpets, sofas etc…
  • Polishing and protecting of top coats , gel coat

Paint Works

The most important thing on the paint works is an experienced paint foreman controlling the methodology and quality of the paint. Our team applies all the procedures under control of our foreman and the paint surveyors of the producers.

  • Composite painting
  • Osmosis protection
  • Steel painting
  • Aluminum painting
  • Epoxy applications
  • Antifouling applications
  • Wooden protection
  • Wooden warmish
  • Old style wooden careen for caulking
  • Laminated wooden control and protection

Boat Wintering

We can take over your boat at your desired port and perform all the maintenance and repairs applied as agreed. The boat is kept as long as you need. and we hand it back to you at any port you desire.
We can also pack your boat with applying corrosion prevention and store at our places in Istanbul, Antalya and Fethiye.

Boat Transportation

  • Your new built boat can be delivered to any port.
  • You can attend to regattas and we can bring back your boat to its home port.

The transportation can be done both by our crew with sailing or by ship or truck.