Wooden decking

The ideal solution for interior and exterior deck surfaces of boats and wet surfaces on land!

Yacht Service can offer solid solutions that fit your budget when covering your deck with wood. We can provide you  top quality teak decking, but we may  recommend other woods for many reasons. These trees can be Walnut or Chestnut  or any other.

Teak Decking

Premium Burmese teak sales and application

If you care about the environment… Teak, which grows only in South and Southeast Asia, has become an endangered species due to intense consumption. As a result of excessive consumption and the fact that teak trees grown in plantations are not of the same quality as natural ones, the prices of first quality teak have increased excessively. It is a common situation for consumers to pay the price of first quality teak and receive a product of lower quality. If you want to protect nature and avoid the risk of being deceived, call Yatservis

Synthetic Teak Application

We mostly recommend synthetic teak for your fiberglass boat. Since the expansion of fiber and PVC material is close, there is no risk of cracking or splitting in half. We can recommend Synthetic Teak with plywood and polyester application first on your wooden boat.

The difference in the appearance of synthetic teak from the original teak is difficult to understand if the application is done properly. Sometimes you can’t tell the difference even by touching it.

If your boat is fiberglass, we recommend synthetic teak.

It preserves its aesthetic appearance without the need for difficult and expensive applications such as wiping or lubricating with teak oil, as in the original teak.

Ease of application

Synthetic teak application is done in a much shorter time and simple way compared to the other one.

Synthetic teak offers great advantages over its alternatives in both water and sound insulation.Synthetic teak, which does not retain water but drains it, contributes to the insulation of the boat and at the same time isolates sounds coming from inside and outside such as engine noise, as well as sounds such as high-heeled shoes on the deck, etc


Synthetic teak has the advantage of lightness compared to its alternative. This saving contributes significantly to performance in sailboats and fuel consumption in motor boats.

With its rough structure, synthetic teak provides superior slip resistance on wet surfaces on deck and on land. Synthetic teak offers a good solution in situations where precautions must be taken both against risks at sea and on land, especially against falls and injuries at the poolside.

Ease of maintenance
Washing your deck with an environmentally friendly detergent is the only protection you need to do. You do not need to wipe or protect with teak oil. Stains such as wine, blood, etc., which are a problem for original teak, are removed with a simple process. A hose, an environmentally friendly detergent and a brush are all that is needed for maintenance.

Scope of application
Synthetic teak offers wide application opportunities in two areas.

At sea… The decks, cockpits and interiors of sailboats and motor yachts of all sizes can be covered with synthetic teak. Recently, the use of synthetic teak has increased in the superyacht segment, and synthetic teak has become widely used, especially in wet areas such as lazarets, staff living areas and bathrooms and toilets, as well as on all kinds of surfaces, especially on the decks of cruise ships.

On land… Synthetic teak on land applications, take place on swimming pool areas with  anti -slip, cost effective and ease of maintamemce advantages. Mostly chosen by the places like  hotels, restaurants, cafes due to aesthetic view.